Trinity Business Review – What We’re About

James O’ConnorKevin Boland & Conor Kelly

The Trinity Business Review (TBR) is the first publication of its kind in Europe. Last year, our team recognised a need for a platform to connect undergraduates, graduates and working professionals alike to the latest business developments in country. To bridge this link, we founded TBR, an online based, student led business publication.

It’s no secret that the Irish economy is currently thriving, according to the ERSI GDP for this year is projected to grow at 4%, twice the average rate in the EU. Dublin is at the heart of this growth with increasing foreign direct investment and entrepreneurship flourishing in the capital.

Being students of Trinity College Dublin, we’re fortunate enough to be studying in the centre of this activity. Wedged between the country’s busiest shopping streets, Leinster House, Silicon Docks and the IFSC, we are situated in the most ideal location to become Ireland’s leading business publication.

Our priority is to inform students, covering Ireland’s latest entrepreneurial developments, taking insights from leading professionals, giving fresh perspectives on current trends trends and most importantly, discussing how to turn your degree into a career.

​TBR will be focused around four sections:

The Inside Track 
The latest insights on career paths. The Inside Track will focus on the opportunities available to you when you graduate. It will have interviews with the graduate recruitment departments of leading firms. Alongside this, we will have insights from students who have been there and got t-shirt so to give you that personal insight and tips and tricks from the interview process that you will not find anywhere else.

The world is changing at a pace that even the best of us can’t keep up with. The DeepDive will give you that in-depth look into those areas that you hear about every day and would love for someone to explain it to you. From the gig economy to the implications of GDPR you’ll no longer have to be the person nodding your head politely when it comes up in conversation. Get one step ahead of the crowd and start building that knowledge bank.

The Hub
We all know that Trinity is a hive of economic activity and it’s hard sometimes to get to every event or to simply know what exactly is going on. With the Hub you get the most up to date coverage of all the latest business related activities occurring on campus ranging from academia to stat-ups to societies.

We see TBR as not just a Trinity publication but a publication that will engage with students beyond Trinity College Dublin. We recognise that Trinity is known as Ireland’s leading university across a spectrum of faculties. We aim to support this brand, with commitment to professional, high quality and objective journalism.

It’s also important to note, TBR is not just for business students. In today’s ever changing environment we recognise that students may go on to work in the business world even though their undergraduate degree may suggest otherwise.

Overall TBR wants to strengthen the bridge between students and professionals across the country and equip undergraduates with that edge to make them succeed.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to bright future together!

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