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Budget 2023: An Overview

In this overview, Cian Hennigan outlines the key welfare, tax, energy, housing, education and health takeaways from Budget 2023.

The Pharma Industry: Where next?

As Covid-19 returns to being an endemic disease, the pandemic has taken a back seat in recent weeks as other, more pressing crises come to the fore. While certain pharmaceutical companies benefited greatly from the pandemic, as illustrated by Astrazeneca’s 41% rise in revenue for 2021, the irony holds that the industry failed to gain…

Shoring up Businesses in the Face of Inflationary Pressures

Annual inflation hit its highest point in twenty years in November 2021, with consumer prices up 5.3% year-on-year. EY reckon this trend could be lasting, with inflation expected to average 3.3% next year. Considering the EU target inflation rate of 2%, the severity of these figures is clear. Similar statistics are seen internationally, with the…