Skills you need in order to succeed in a post-coronavirus business world

The business world is dynamic in nature and so the skills that are needed to thrive in this world also continue to evolve, from navigation skills to IT skills and much more. To handle the aftermath of Covid-19, we need to adapt and evolve, as the business world does. So, what competencies will be most important in the next few years? What are the skills needed to succeed in the near future?


Communication is the key to success. Working in this world is bound to involve constantly working with other people. As a result, it is important for individuals to have good communication skills. In order to achieve that, you must first be an active listener before being a good speaker.

Companies all around the world seek employees, who are active listeners, strong public speakers and have superior verbal, written and presentation skills. In fact, now as the world moves into the digital ‘Zoom’ environment, it is more important than ever.

If the business world continues to stay online for the next few years, as predicted by many, you might want to work on those skills. As the likes of KPMG and Deloitte continue to carry out their work online, they will demand their employees to be active speakers and active listeners. So, next time you attend your online lecture – speak up, turn that camera on and work on those skills!

These expertise will never be unnecessary or unimportant. Whether we like it or not, we will have to communicate with people for the rest of our lives. There are also hundreds of great short courses on how to become better at this – check out and for more!

Technical Skills 

Without technology we cannot work nor study in today’s world. Some examples of increasingly necessary technological competencies include knowledge of programming languages, design programs, data analysis, or even basic presentation-making skills.

Once again, many companies demand these skills, as they can help employees and businesses become more resilient to future pandemics. People who know how to use IT will be crucial to all companies in the next few years, not just in the business world, but in law, manufacturing and many other disciplines and industries.

Do not be afraid if your IT skills are not perfect! There are lots of certifications and online courses that can help you learn such as MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) or CAP (Certified Analytics Professional). Take advantage of the free resources that are out there. Countless inspirational talks, webinars, articles, podcasts, and videos are available online for free – make sure to check them out.


In the past year, we have all seen the importance of constant innovation. The businesses that were able to come up with creative ways to offer their services to customers have shown how important it is to be original and inventive in today’s environment and adapt to this dynamic world. 

Due to global restrictions and lockdowns, Airbnb and Bumble collaborated in an effort to encourage people to try virtual dating. With millions of people using video calling services like Zoom to meet while in isolation, Airbnb and Bumble managed to bring their customers together in a virtual date setting. This is just one of many examples of how companies are adapting to the current situation – creative right? 

There are loads of ways to improve your own creativity: 

  • Brainstorm; 
  • Shifts negative thoughts into a positive mindset; 
  • Avoid being a perfectionist; 
  • Watch stimulating videos (TED talks); 
  • Determine your goals; 
  • Surround yourself with nature 

Trinity offers a number of creativity and innovation modules to undergraduate business students. However, if you want to step up your game, there are numerous programs online and face-to-face to improve these skills, including the postgraduate certificate in Creative Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, ran by Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace.


If the business world stays online for the foreseeable future, more people at all levels in companies will find themselves in a position where they have to lead others and work on group cohesiveness; bringing everyone together. Being self-aware is particularly important during these challenging times.

Professionals with strong leadership skills and the ability to bring out the best and inspire teams as well as encourage them, will be in serious demand. A number of tips on to improve your leadership skills include:

  • Being decisive 
  • Being visionary 
  • Analysing your strengths and weaknesses 
  • Showing a willingness to seek input from others
  • Problem solving
  • Seeking to boost your own self-confidence 

There are also online courses in DBS, UCD, and FutureLearn – check them out!

Commit to a Lifetime of Learning 

It is important to note, that the only way to remain skilled in a post-coronavirus world, is to commit to a lifetime of learning. It is very likely, that the skills needed in the business world will be change more than once in the coming years. 

Improving your skills has never been easier – there are so many resources online on how to become better at certain things. Search for the skills you want to develop and check out platforms such as Coursera, edX, Udacity, or FutureLearn as well.

If you have some spare time during the next few weeks, work on your self-development – it will definitely help you in the future.

Stay safe and innovative! 

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