14 Tips to Check-Off for an Interview

Eva Rapkauskaite

Congratulations – you managed to get an interview for an internship or job that you were dreaming about for a long time. But don’t start celebrating just yet…


1) Dress appropriately 
This is one of the most important things that you should take a look at before the interview. Once you enter the company you will be judged based on what you are wearing, so make sure you plan your outfit way before the interview date. Dress in a manner that is appropriate for the role you are interviewed.

2) Prepare Insightful Interview Questions 
In order to show your interest and knowledge about the company, prepare some questions to ask your interviewer. BUT you should not ask questions that can be easily researched, for example questions about company’s mission can be easily found online,Instead, ask questions such as, “What is your favourite part about working here?” and “What does the typical day-to-day look like for someone in this role?

3) Show up on time
Arriving late is largely avoidable, it is still a common complaint among interviewers. If you are delayed for some reason and will be at least five minutes late, let them know, it will show respect to the company and the interviewer by asking whether you should reschedule, or will you attend.

4) Research the Company and Role
What type of person is the company seeking? Do your research about the company and the role you are seeking before the interview. Doing this will help you come up with questions to ask during the job interview. Lots of free job – hunting apps have great background information for you to use. E.g. Snagajob

5) Know your interviewers Find out the names of your interviewers ahead of time and research their areas of expertise. Remembering the name would be ideal, it can be difficult job skill to master but one that leaves a lasting impression.

6) Be careful of what you say and do while waiting
If you find yourself waiting in the lobby before an interview, it can be tempting to ease your nerves by scrolling through your phone or the magazine to kill the time. However, you never know, the company might be watching, and your actions might show that you are bored, too confident or not serious.
Remember to be kind to the receptionist and everyone you meet while waiting, poor networking skills could cost you the job.

7) Eye Contact
Hiring managers say that failing to make eye contact is a huge mistake and most of the time is one of the main causes of not getting a job. Not making eye contact during the interview could imply that you are not paying attention. Always remember, that nonverbal behavior can be as important as verbal one – smiling opens doors.

8) Talk about the value YOU will add to the company 
Most employers want to hear that you will adopt quickly to new environments and will do your job effectively.

9) Sound Confident 
Preparation is the key to confidence. Boost your confidence level by arming yourself with the communication – robust, rehearsed and relevant responses.

10) Stay Focused
During the interviews its important to stay focused on the questions. When asked a question, take a moment to think about it and plan how you will answer it in your head. Keep your responses short and to-the-point. By staying on topic, you prove to the interviewer that you can remain focused, calm and articulate in a high-pressure situation.

11) Pay Attention to YOUR Voice and Tone
Avoid pause words and phrases, such as ‘uh’, ‘ah’, ‘um’, ‘like’ or ‘you know’. Instead, be definitive in your answers and avoid raising your voice in a questioning manner!

12) Thank Your Interviewers 
Thank every interviewer with a smile and a strong handshake. You could also send a follow-up thank-you note to each interviewer individually by email or mail, depending on the culture of the firm.

13) Follow Up
You have some control over the hiring decision after the interview. If a few days have passed since a promised response, contact the company and ask where they are in the process. If you don’t get a reply in a few days, try again!! If your messages are brief and polite, most interviewers will be impressed by your perseverance, communication skills and interest in the job.

14) RELAX and You will be fine 
This is the most important one, but surely not the easiest one to do. Be yourself and you will succeed. There are so many brilliant companies out there that I am sure you will get your dream job. But if you fail – use it as motivation.









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