TBR x Gradlife

TBR are pleased to announce a new partnership with the podcast Gradlife.

Gradlife was started in 2018 by Mark Maxwell, who at the time worked for Google in Sydney, Australia, having previously been an investment banker there. Mark was determined to explore what was driving, rewarding, and challenging graduates around him. He wanted to know how he could use these learnings and answers to provide insight to university students, to help them make the most informed decisions they could, and enjoy their graduate years as best they can.

When asked why the name Gradlife, Mark says, “Well, we really think that a person’s graduate years – full of learning, freedoms, challenges, and, of course, their first paycheque, should be the most exciting and adventurous of their lives. We’ve seen too many graduates unhappy with their work, their decisions, and their circumstances. Gradlife is here to prevent people from this mindset, and to instead lead them to a Gradlife that they can celebrate!”

The podcast is presented by Kate Fullen and Danny Hogan as well as by Mark on occasion.

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